is owned and operated by Milkface Nursingwear Inc. Milkface was thrilled to take over this wonderful community resource in December 2014 from the volunteer group that started it. was created in February 2012, by a group of community-based International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) who, with feedback from the community, saw a need to have a comprehensive website of breastfeeding resources.

Although this need was first identified by a breastfeeding peer support person, it was further identified during a widely attended Breastfeeding Symposium sponsored by Ottawa Public Health and a subsequent breastfeeding community needs assessment. Because some time passed with no other groups or agencies taking this on, those of us at OttawaBreastfeeds found ways to overcome the barriers and make this a reality. We are proud to have initiated this website. This is a volunteer project.

The IBCLCs who founded Ottawa Breastfeeds are Janet Allingham, Ginette Bertrand, Fleur Bickford, Sonya Boersma, Beth McMillan, Susan Nolan, Sue Theriault Valin, and Susan Wheat, with support from Liz Spencer (CLE) and Lana Matthews.

All efforts are being made to keep the information up to date. To be sure the information is completely accurate, families may wish to connect with individual organizations directly. For those providing breastfeeding services, please send your updates to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Need a Breast Pump?

A baby’s natural way of feeding is directly at mother’s breast. Sometimes, for various reasons, this is not possible.

Need a Drop in Clinic?

Reliable professional breastfeeding care is an important part of your breastfeeding experience.

Need a Private Visit?

Private consultations with an IBCLC offer the benefit of skilled one-on-one help with breastfeeding.

Need peer support?

Help From Those Who Have Been There and Done It!

Need General Baby Support?

Thinking of having a baby and wondering about breastfeeding? Need Breastfeeding Classes?

More Information on Various Services

Need more information on various breastfeeding support services?